Data Science Project

A course offered by the University of Helsinki.

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About the course

The University of Helsinki offers a MSc program in Data Science that organizes a Data Science Project course. During the course, students work on practical data science projects in small groups, providing prototype data science products for external clients, such as companies or research organizations.

This webpage provides information to potential clients for this course.

Who, When, Where

The course is organized by professors Michael Mathioudakis and Kai Puolamäki.

The course is offered during the spring term of the academic year, at the Kumpula campus of the University of Helsinki.

The next offering of the course is scheduled from January to April 2022.

What you get

A group of skilled and enthusiastic master's level students working on a project related to your interests. You also get in close contact with potential recruits.

What we expect

Every project should offer a possibility to work on real data, either provided by the client or available as open data. We also expect a responsible contact person who agrees to meet with the group 2-3 times during the course, to provide comments on their plans and final results.

Previous clients.

The course has attracted both companies and public organizations as clients. Indicative examples are shown below.


Anomaly detection on marine diesel engine data.


Prediction of user behavior in online games.

Helsinki Computational History Group

Digitize 32 million pages of Eighteenth Century documents.

Rovio Entertainment Oyj

Process mining in mobile games.

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